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For brands seeking the perfect content creators, and creators ready to unlock new brand deals.

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BIX is a marketplace designed for creators by creators. It’s a tool used by brands and agencies to seek out the best suited content creators to market their products. We help you build long term and repeat collaborations with our all-in-one platform solution.

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Creators showcase portfolios with social media, analytics, and ad pricing. Brands find perfect matches for their vision and campaign goals.

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Brands find vetted creators eager for sponsorships, while creators collaborate to boost their channels.

Collaborate With Ease

Connect Seamlessly

Ditch the email chains and communicate in one place. Collaborating on projects and campaigns has never been easier, faster and more transparent.

data-driven decision-making data-driven decision-making data-driven decision-making

View Real Analytics​

Unlock unlimited access to data to refine decision-making and target the perfect audience. Partner with creators who share your values through our commitment to authenticity.

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