Find the perfect creators to promote your brand.

For brands looking to discover and collaborate with diverse content creators, supported by real analytics for informed decision-making.

Benefits for Brands & Agencies


Find the perfect creator to promote your brand.


Filter to pinpoint specific niche


Save Time


Access to Real Account Analytics

Creator Discovery

Discover The Best Creators

Explore a wide range of creators that match your brand’s vision and goals. Let our platform do the heavy lifting, presenting you with creators whose audience mirrors your target market through the use of advanced smart filters.

Analytics Transparency

Empowered Decision-Making

See beyond the surface. Dive into a wealth of data, from specific post impressions to audience location and age, so you can confidently choose creators who align with your campaign objectives and resonate with your customers.

Details In Every Profile

Full Profile Overview

Find everything you need to make an informed marketing decision in one place. Uncover endless insights like audience cities, ages, gender, live analytics, pricing information and much more, painting a holistic picture of each creator.

Credible Creators

Trust In Every Collaboration

Forget fake followers. BIX rigorously assesses creators and pulls data directly from their social media accounts. Our dedication to authenticity ensures you’ll only partner with creators whose values resonate with yours.

Let's Talk About ROI


of marketers believe that influencer marketing campaigns help them reach a more targeted audience.


of consumers rely on social media as the most important source of information when shopping.


overall increase in ROI using Influencer Marketing compared to other forms of digital media.


in revenue for every $1 brands invested in influencer marketing on average.

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